mentorship2Six personal trainers and teachers in the fitness industry just took part in our second 3 Day Mentorship event of the year! The tools and skills they learned both in the classroom and on the training floor will be with them for a life time. They are now one step closer to being the best they can be at their craft and are now better able to push thier athletes and clients to new levels!

Here is What is Included in 3 Action Packed Days of Applied Learning

  •  Classroom and on-floor time to learn high transfer training
  •  Learn from and shadow Twist Senior Conditioning Coaches
  •  Get educated and be inspired by Peter Twist
  •  Functional assessment and corrective exercise education
  • Learn how to implement the Key Elements of Strength and Athleticism
  •  Periodization and program design training
  •  Workouts for practical application
  •  Engaged learning with discussions and case studies
  •  Learn the “Art of Coaching”
  •  Unlimited observation of sessions (adult and sport performance)
  •  Receive your Functional Training 101 Certification
  •  Opportunities for coaching positions in our new gyms

To register, or for more information email: or call 604-904-6556 ext 118

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January 2015 Mentorship:

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