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Twist On Extreme Sports Training

Extreme Sports Training
 By Peter Twist and Gerard Recio, Twist Conditioning Inc

You see them everywhere…. TV Commercials, Motion Pictures, magazine ads, and YouTube.  In 1995 ESPN launched the first ever X-Games (a made for television event that showcases extreme/action sports), and two years later, in 1997, they launched the Winter X-Games.
These two Extreme Sport […]

Twisting Power For Golf Performance

Rotary Power for Golf Performance
By Peter Twist
In sport, you are definitely only as strong as your weakest link, and for most athletes this is the core or speed centre, which includes abdominals, low back and hip musculature.
In golf, the core is a foundational region that drives the physical aspects of the golf swing.  A […]

Becoming Stronger on the Puck

Becoming Stronger on the Puck
By Peter Twist

Puck possession is an imperative piece to controlling and winning hockey games.
The ability to win the battle for loose pucks in front of the nets, along the boards or in the open ice will provide your team with a serious competitive advantage. The ability to control the power […]

Motivating Athletes Throughout Their Lifetime

Motivating Athletes Across the Lifespan
By Janice Hutton and Peter Twist
Success in sports and in life is founded in motivation. Ever wonder what motivates an elite masters athlete who is 70 years old or an aspiring 12 year old?
The best athletes are backed by coaches who know just the right buttons to push to […]

Small Group – Big Results

Small Group Training Yields Big Results
By Peter Twist
Challenge your clients to experience how Competition + Play = Hard Work + Fun using an up-tempo, dynamic workout style that builds athleticism and burns max calories!
Small group training presents a perfect blend of the exciting dynamics of a group exercise class with the performance improvements from […]

Pete Twist’s Battle

Industry Icon in the Fight of His Life
By Todd Durkin

Reprinted from  |  canfitpro  |  MARCH/APRIL 2013 
I need to share a remarkable story of a fitness professional in the fight of his life. He is someone I have long admired, someone I have shared the stage with many times, one of the best presenters I […]

Physical Literacy

Move Over Reading, Writing and Arithmetic – Here Comes Physical Literacy!
By Jeff Roux B.P.E.; CSCS; TSCC-Gold
Kristin Smart BA(Hon.Kin); Masters of Teaching (MT); TSCC-Gold
Peter Twist Msc, BPE, CSCS, PTS, TSCC-Gold

“Physical Literacy [is] essential to a complete experience of human life.” (Whitehead, 2001)

In the fitness industry we aim to inspire others to become or stay physically […]

Challenge Your Clients to Develop Smart Muscles

Challenge Your Clients to Develop Smart Muscles
By Peter Twist

The value of strength training is well accepted in the fitness training model as it provides positive adaptations to metabolism and builds an aesthetically pleasing body.
Machine based strength training draws its history from body building where participants aim to isolate and overload specific muscles for appearance […]

Train Your Core Off the Floor

Train Your Core Off the Floor
By Peter Twist
To enhance mobility, stability and power production the core must be progressively trained as a unit using movement patterns that translate directly to the demands of sport, fitness and real life. Begin training the core to stabilize the spine before adding rotary movements and you will feel […]