sportsThe Twist Sport Conditioning Performance Education Certification was designed specifically to provide access to the world renowned and scientifically based performance enhancement training methods, programs and academic learning platform developed by award winning Sport Conditioning Coach and Exercise Physiologist,  Peter Twist.

The same opportunity once reserved for mentorship students and Live Certifications, our certifications are now available via Distance Education and available around the globe to fitness professionals, coaches, teachers, instructors and athletes, alike.

Based on a 3 tiered progressive program, our programs focus on the key fundamentals of athleticism and human performance.

These certifications are all designed to provide you with the necessary  science and theory of sport conditioning as well as practical application and program design.

Obtain Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s) with ACE, CanFitPro, and more.



Level 1 Twist Sport Performance Essentials

5 courses that provide and extensive toolbox of skills and drills to develop Balance, Speed, Agility, Quickness, Linked System Strength (2 modules) and Core Power.

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Level 2 Twist Sport Performance Progressive Techniques

3 courses that will provide an excellent foundation of knowledge to develop athleticism through enhanced movement precision, linked system strength and balance challenges.

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Level 3 Twist Sport Performance
Advanced Concepts

3 courses that expand on the concepts learned in Level 2 and provide an in-depth training methodology to help athletes progress to the next level of performance.

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